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Join the Solcomm team and prepare to launch your career into hyperdrive!

Why Solcomm?

Solcomm is committed to helping you become the best performer you can be – in the office and outside of it!

Sales Training

Learn to connect with customers almost instantly (even if you’re brand-new to sales!), communicate product value, and create long-term customers for our awesome clients.

Leadership Training

Get your feet wet with leadership development that teaches you to train others, how to lead and motivate a sales team, and develop your own plan to own your own office.

Personal Development

Learn how to manage your time, influence people you manage, budget, plan, and manage a business.

Industry-Leading Compensation Model

Plus, we offer industry-leading commission rates, monthly performance & leadership bonuses and the opportunity to build your own office!

Motivated Self-Starter.

All sales is hard. And whle we train and mentor, we don't micro-manage. Motivated self-starters will achieve.

Love to Serve.

At the end of the day, it's all about people. If you love working with people (and they like working with you), you might be a good fit.

Professionally Ambitious.

If you expect a lot from life - and you're willing to work for it, then direct sales might be right for you.

Passion, Energy, and Friendliness.

Positive energy & a positive attitude are essential components of being a great sales rep. You have these? Please apply!
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