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3 Ways To Use Facebook For Your Door To Door Sales Business

By November 16, 2018February 21st, 2020Business plans, Door To Door Sales, Sales

Door to door sales is all about relationships. So is Facebook. So it’s logical to look for direct sales Facebook tips to build your business.

But it’s also important to understand the reasons to use Facebook and to understand the context of what the tool is used for. If you overload your friends’ feeds with constant sales pitches, you’ll soon be ignored. And you even run the risk of being blocked!

However, if you understand the context and use the tool appropriately, you won’t need to worry about violating Facebook rules for direct sales.
We find that there are 3 ways to use Facebook effectively in direct sales.

Door To Door Sales Facebook Tip #1: Use Facebook For Networking

What is Facebook’s superpower? What can it do better than email or phone calls?
One word: networking.

Facebook is powerful for direct sales because it allows you to exponentially expand your network. If you win over only one of your friends into being an evangelist for your product and sharing your posts, you’re suddenly exposed to their entire network.

One follower can become 10, 100, 1000… provided your Facebook content is compelling enough.

You have to leverage your content the right way if you want it to be effective in expanding your network. Know who your target market is and target your posts to them.

Do the work when it comes to understanding your demographic. Search for groups by interest. Do some deep digging.

Build a network of people who care about you and your product, and you’ll always have a platform for your business.

Door To Door Sales Facebook Tip #2: Use Facebook For Sales & Referrals

Once you’ve build up your network, you can use Facebook as a sales platform.
But be careful.

People who are on Facebook are very sensitive to being sold to. And personal Facebook pages, while great for building your network, are not intended to be a place for constant ads and pitches.

So how to you sell via Facebook? Keep it personal, keep it emotional, and keep it short.

People follow and friend those on Facebook who they know, or whose lifestyle they resonate with. Your sales pitches don’t have to be unwanted or unexpected content… as long as they fall into the lifestyle that you portray!

Side note: if you are posting sales posts on Facebook, make sure they are in compliance with the product that you represent. You don’t want to go rogue in the way you represent a client, and some clients have very specific rules on how their products are promoted via social media. Do you homework with your client first!

Keep your posts short and emotional. Be personal. Don’t make posts about promotions or offers… coupons feel salesy and businessy. And the people who do actually want them are disappointed when they find an expired coupon (because it’s difficult to permanently delete anything from Facebook.)

With all that said, don’t make all of your Facebook posts about your business. It will make you seem preachy and fake. If you don’t maintain a healthy post balance, people will tune you out or block your feed. If you find yourself posting about business in more than ⅓ of your overall posts… well, you’re playing with fire.

And the most effective way to leverage sales from your personal Facebook account? Ask for referrals!

Referral business is huge. Asking for referrals by Facebook (offer gift cards as incentive, if it helps,) is more personal than sending an automated email and can put you directly in contact with the referred prospect.

Door To Door Sales Facebook Tip #3: Use Facebook For Recruiting

Direct sales is all about growth. And part of that equation is to always be on the lookout for more reps and partners for your direct sales firm.

Raising up other direct sales leaders and reps is a great way to ensure exponential growth for your business and the business of your client. But finding recruiting opportunities can be a challenge. Where do you find motivated sales talent?

We’ve answered this before: look everywhere. And one of those places is your Facebook network.

Facebook is ideal for recruiting for a few reasons. First, it can help you with warm referrals because you’re aware of the connections between you. Mutual friends, references, people who can vouch for either party and ensure a positive relationship.

Second, Facebook allows you to show off your lifestyle! If you’re a success in direct sales and you’re looking to bring others up to your level, showing them what success looks like first hand is much more powerful than just telling people that they can be successful.

Use Facebook to reach out and let people know of your job opportunities. People love being matchmakers and will be excited to introduce you to their friend who needs a good job.

You can also use Facebook events to coordinate with job fairs, home sales events, references and giveaways.

Take Door To Door Sales By Storm Over Facebook

So now that you know how to use Facebook as an effective tool for your direct sales business, go forth and promote!

If you’re interested in taking the world of telecom direct sales by storm, we want to hear from you. At Solcomm, we empower the most successful direct sales reps to make great money and do great work. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, apply with us today.


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