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Why Remote Closing is the Sexiest 6-figure Sales Job Out There

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Remote Closing, or High Ticket Selling, is increasingly becoming one of the most lucrative sales careers out there.  The benefits of making a good 6-figures, even if you’re just a slightly above-average salesperson, not having to travel, and working from home all add up to be one of the best jobs you can imagine.

But what really is Remote Closing?  What makes it such a good opportunity and how do you get into it?

Remote Closer, High Ticket Sales Rep

Remote Closer sitting at home on his headset making high-ticket sales

My Journey to Become a Remote Closer

Let me start with my journey into remote closing.  I took the long route to get where I am today, so maybe I can help shorten your journey.

Sales in general had always intrigued me…. But mostly to stay away from it at all costs.  Growing up, my father sold insurance, and to me that looked like the least sexy job of all time.  Now, to be fair, what he did provided a good living for our family, and he was able to help a lot of people with their retirement and investments, but for a job, there was no way I could see myself doing that for 30 years of my life.

Since my father allowed me to work in his office throughout high school and college, I learned that I loved investments.  So, as soon as I graduated college, I packed all my stuff in a bag and moved out to New York City to look for jobs in stock trading.

In NYC, I bounced around small stock trading firms to find someone to teach me the business.  Unfortunately, that proved to be a tough job market to break into, and the great recession didn’t help matters either.  I ended up making most of my money bartending, which was definitely not the long-term career path I was hoping for.

So, since I was 4 years out of college and had no career path (but a lot of fun),  I decided I needed to start taking things seriously.  My other high school friends graduated with degrees in pre-law or pre-med, and I decided I should try to do the same thing.  I went back to school to get my prerequisites for Med school, but when I told one of my successful friends in business that I was doing that, he told me: “There are easier ways to make money than being a doctor.”

I had no idea what he meant, but since I hated the prospect of 6 more years of school to get into a lucrative job field, I decided I needed to keep on looking.


How I Got Started in Sales

As I was going through this existential journey of trying to figure out what to do with my life, my younger brother was getting started in door-to-door sales for a telecommunications company.  Every week he would come to me and brag about his latest paycheck.  As much as I loathed the idea of doing sales, eventually, he wore me down and I agreed to do a job shadow with him.

My first day out in the sales field with my younger brother was a 20-degree January day in Michigan.  Thankfully the sun was shining and we had a car to warm up in, or I would’ve gone home and slammed the door shut on the idea of being a sales closer.  After 4 hours of knocking on doors, and having a lot of positive conversations, I was starting to warm up to the idea.  By the end of the day, we had made 3 sales, close to $500, and I was seeing the light that sales could be fun and lucrative at the same time.

So that’s how I was hooked.  Unfortunately, not every day was just like that first day (my brother cherry-picked some fresh new leads to train me on), and I learned quickly that door-to-door sales is a grind, but still, it was a step up from paying the bills working long hours into the night as a bartender.


Why Sales Management is Not the Answer

After you’ve done sales of any kind for a while (and gotten good at it), there will always be some well-intentioned person/asshole who will want you to get into sales management. 

In my case, after 4 months of being a top-performing sales rep in my district (I had no idea what I was doing, I was just money-hungry and motivated), I had an opportunity to start doing leadership.  It started off as running a road team of 4 other sales reps, which started off fun, but it meant that I had to coordinate everyone’s schedules and the one who dropped everyone off and picked them up.  Not fun to be handling logistics while you’re trying to focus on making sales too.  

After about a year of doing that, I was offered a position as more of a sales recruiter/leader/trainer.  My job became much more office-focused, which for family life was great.  However, now I was under the demands of my bosses and clients for the numbers they needed me to hit monthly.  And these target numbers were constantly changing.  Like every quarter, sometimes every month.  

From my experience, I learned quickly that while there is money to be made as a sales manager, it definitely isn’t easy money and you most certainly aren’t your own boss.


Enter Remote Closing or High Ticket Sales

After getting burnt out running sales teams for close to 10 years, I decided to take a break and figure out what was next.  Thankfully, one of my good friends was working as a remote closer for a publishing company and thought I would be a good fit for a remote closer job that was open.

After pushing off his initial offer for about 6 months, I decided I would give it a try.  The company culture looked really cool.  The founder was under 30, and the average age of the employees was in the late-20’s early 30’s.  I was excited to be around a group of energetic people getting things done and making a difference.  I thought to myself: “if I can make even close to the money they’re promising, work only from home, and have flexibility with my hours, I’m going to be pretty happy with this opportunity.”

It turns out, my buddy wasn’t lying to me.  Once I got in to the company and saw how awesome the other closers were, I was determined to figure it out.  I really focused on learning everything I had to learn about the offer and the sales process in the first 3 months I was there, and by month 4, I started lighting up the leaderboards.  And then the checks started coming in.  It took a few months because we got paid off of cash collected, and if someone did a payment plan with us, I wouldn’t get paid until that money came in.  My first couple checks were slow, but growing, but by month 4, I got my first $10k commission check, and by month 6 it was over $15k.

Since then, I haven’t looked back.  I made over $200,000 in my first full year with the company and through continual improvement and training, I’ve continued to grow my earnings expectations year over year.

Needless to say, I’m super happy I found this opportunity to be a remote closer.  While sales can be mentally demanding day after day, there is a lot of freedom in it.  As long as you hit your numbers, you can be your own boss and get creative with your schedule and your work habits.  Also, as you get good, the necessary tactics to be a successful closer become habitual.  That’s where the job starts to get fun and you feel like you can truly write your own paycheck.

Finding a Remote Closing Job

Since I started working at my current position, other friends have asked me, “how do I get a job like yours?”  I’ve referred a few friends that I thought would be good closers, but unfortunately, positions come up rarely at my company and none of them were hired.

Getting a referral to a company that has remote closer positions available (like I did), is probably the quickest way to land a great sales position.  However, if you don’t have a connection at a company that does sales over the phone or remote closing, then you’re going to have to do some digging to find opportunities.

Because this is such a new field, just searching on Indeed or Ziprecruiter for “Remote Closer Jobs” will turn up some opportunities, but definitely not all.  What I’ve found works when looking for good remote sales jobs is to also search for “High Ticket Sales”, or “Phone Closer”.  This will help you get a little bit further in your search.

Also, you need to get creative with where you’re searching.  Online sales forums on Facebook or Reddit can also turn up potential sales job leads.  However, my favorite way of finding a really good remote closing job is to actually sit back and spend some time ideating over where the opportunities lie.  Remote closing is best for high-ticket offers. 

What is a high-ticket offer you might ask? 

Essentially, it is any information product or coaching/mentoring service within the range of $3,000-50,000 that can be sold over the phone.

Think of people you follow who offer coaching and training services like this.  Big names like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone and Dean Graziozi all offer high-ticket offers and require remote closers to answer customer questions, get them over their emotional barriers, and take their credit card information.

If there’s an influencer you follow that offers a program like this, go to their website or hiring page and search for “inside sales” and you will find listing for the opportunities they have open.

You can see more information on High Ticket Sales on this blog post: What is High Ticket Sales?

Training to Be a Remote Closer

Lastly, if you’re serious about pursuing an opportunity as a remote closer, you better be ready to show the company that you want to work for you have the goods to succeed.  A good track record in face-to-face or telephone sales is going to be helpful.  However, what companies are looking for most is an indication that you’re committed to the opportunity, passionate about sales, and willing to go the extra mile to bring in revenue.

My advice to any newbie to high ticket sales is to get some training on what the process looks like first before applying, so you can be confident you can perform in the interview and on the phone.  Also, pretty much every remote closing opportunity I’ve seen will require you to do a trial pitch, sometimes with a live prospect!  The best remote closing training program I’ve come across that provides training, hands-on coaching, and remote closing job opportunities is

To conclude, being a high-ticket remote closer has been one of the most fun, most lucrative jobs I’ve ever had.  It truly checks all the boxes for me.  If you’re looking for the next sales opportunity where you can work from home, take pre-set appointments, have flexibility, and make a ton of money, you should check it out!


Let me know what you think!  If you have experience as a remote closer I’d love to hear about it.  If you’re looking for remote closing opportunities, hit me up in the comments as I have a couple of companies I know that are currently hiring!