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The Do’s and Don’ts Of Telecom Door to Door Sales

By February 8, 2018February 21st, 2020Economics, Finance & accounting

You’re about to knock on someone’s door and talk to them about their cable service.
What’s your plan?

There are several approaches to telecom direct sales. Some work very well, while others can put you at a disadvantage. We are going to lay out some tips for direct sales consultants on how to approach that all-important interaction.

Let’s start with what NOT to do.

The Worst

What are the worst things a direct sales representative can do when they’re presenting to a potential customer?

Don’t #1-
Don’t Get In Their Face
Sometimes a rep goes about their pitch in a way that resembles a promotional flyer. They go nuts describing the BIG OFFER and LIMITED TIME PRICE and front-load a lot of pressure into the interaction right away. This puts the customer on the defensive right away… and even if the offer is intriguing, the rep has provided so little information that asking someone to make an informed decision is a pretty tall order.

Don’t #2-
Don’t Ask For Business Without Providing Value
Every sales rep knows that they need to ask for the sale. But the successful ones know when to ask for the sale.

If a customer opens the door to somebody who is immediately asking them to buy something, they are primed to say no.

From the start, they haven’t been listened to, they haven’t had any pains addressed, and they haven’t been offered anything of value. Why would they change their cable service when you haven’t given them a single compelling reason to? Don’t ask for business before you have shown them why it can help.

Don’t #3-
Don’t Walk Away After The First “No.”
No means no. The successful direct sales consultant is not aggressive and understands the importance of respecting their prospect’s wishes.
It’s also important to understand that the first “no” might not be about you at all.

They might be saying no to a previous experience they had with a cable company’s customer service department. Or to an experience with a former direct sales agent. They may not be saying no to what you’re offering, or saying no to your sales experience. They might just not see

that you are different yet!

Don’t underestimate the value of pleasant persistence, and don’t be scared off by that first “no thanks.”

The Best

Okay, so we’ve covered what NOT to do. But what approaches can telecom direct sales consultants take that work?

Do #1-
Do Be A Professional
If you’re going to knock on someone’s door and offer them a solution to their problem, you should be an expert on what you’re offering.
Know your product. Know the features, the benefits, the ins and outs of everything you can offer. Are there packages that the customer wishes they had that they can get from you? Something that you guys do better than the competition? Be able to address these.

Be an expert in your area! Know how different offerings work in different places. Know what your customers tend to like, tend to buy, tend to be excited by. You are not just an expert in your product, you’re an expert in your community. Talk to customers about how your product is working for people just like them.

Be able to answer any questions that your prospective customer may have. (Or at least, know how to get the answers for them!) When you are a professional, you have the respect of your prospects and they are more likely to use you as a resource. Which brings me to:

Do #2-
Do Be A Consultant
A bit of real talk here: Telecom companies are known for bad customer service. Notoriously so. People are used to sitting on hold for two hours to try an address the simplest of issues with their services.
Use it to your advantage!

Like it or not, the bar in telecom for service-minded interactions is set ridiculously low… which means that you can be a hero for your prospective clients!

Be friendly. Let your customers know that you are here for them and they can use you as a resource. Don’t just tell them what you can offer, show them how it works. Walk them through their options and help provide value through the decision making process. If your customer can rely on you for help, you can rely on them for business.

Do #3-
Do Have Fun!
A sales call about Telecom services does not sound like most people’s idea of a good time. They may view it as something akin to a trip to the dentist’s office, or waiting at the DMV.

That’s why you need to be Santa Claus.

Seriously, you’re offering fun stuff! People LOVE tech, and they LOVE entertainment, and they LOVE saving money. You are showing up to their door with a sack full of presents. So make the experience reflect that!

Be engaging, fun, personal. Bring excitement to the transaction and show off all the fun toys and bells and whistles. If you’re not just practical and reliable, but also fun, your prospects are much more likely to take advantage of all you have to offer.

Do you have what it takes to approach telecom sales in the best way?
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