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How to Personally Recruit Talent for Door to Door Direct Sales

By April 12, 2019February 21st, 2020Business plans, Franchising

When it comes to door to door sales, your team is the most crucial ingredient for your success. Building that team can be difficult, especially if you’re only relying on expensive ads to drive leads.

Investing your time wisely in personally recruiting and not only can you see higher engagement levels, but you also foster greater excitement about the job by tapping directly into reliable sources of new talent.


Look for those who are looking

Top talent is everywhere. Rather than advertising for the position, it can be helpful to get in contact with those who are looking for a job, already. Check your social media networks and listen out for those who have lost their job or are looking for a new career, lately. Capitalize on that hunger and ensure you’re talking to candidates who are truly interested in landing the position.


Ask Customers

Customers aren’t just sources of revenue, they’re important parts of your sales network. If you have a customer that you have a good rapport and relationship with, don’t be afraid to ask if they know anyone who might be interested in working with you. Offer them some business cards to share with their network, so interested parties can get in touch.


Consider your past co-workers

You might already know people with the skills, experience, and expertise to fit the team. If you’ve worked in door to door sales or other sales roles at other points in your career, then you know other successful salespeople. Reach out to them!  The benefit of getting in touch is not only that you have a rapport established, but that they are a known-quantity, making them a potentially viable hire.

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Don’t forget the flyers

Posting pull-tab flyers in the right place can help you catch a lot more attention than an online ad that’s competing for attention with plenty of other ads. The right places, such as community college job boards, high traffic supermarkets, and agencies can offer you a much better chance of engagement.


Go where the talent is

Job and career fairs offer some of the greatest opportunity for finding eager young professionals looking for experience, especially at colleges and universities. Sales can be a great summer job for students who are interested in learning about the day-to-day of business and about working on their understanding of customers. Targeting liberal arts majors with the potential to make a lot of money can be a particularly effective approach.

Door to door sales is all about how well you build and leverage your network, not just when it comes to sales, but also when it comes to recruiting. The next time you need another member for the team, reconsider the costly ad approach and spend a little time reaching out to those you know, instead.



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