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Looking for Top Sales Talent? Look Everywhere!

By March 16, 2018February 21st, 2020Business plans, Door To Door Sales, Franchising, Sales

In our last post, we talked about what to look for in your ideal sales candidates, how to build and hire from a profile, and how to utilize job boards effectively.

But job boards are only one piece of the recruiting puzzle.

In this post, we’re going to go into more detail about personal recruiting. Non-job-board recruiting. Outside-the-box recruiting.

Because that’s where you find the best sales talent.

Want to hire the best? Look everywhere.

We’ve talked about the importance of casting a wide net when it comes to recruiting. It never pays to limit where you can find top-tier direct sales talent.

That doesn’t mean that you should hire anyone with a pulse! But it does mean that you should keep an eye out for folks that fit your Ideal Sales Profile… wherever you are.

Are you at a coffee shop, impressed by a gregarious and service-minded barista? Don’t hesitate to approach them with new opportunities. Meet somebody with a great attitude, and the right approach to succeed in direct sales, at a local networking event? Let them know what you do and see if they show interest. See someone on social media with the right qualifications? Call them in for an interview.

Also, consider customers as potential recruits! A customer who shows interest in your company after they’ve been through the sales process on the receiving end is ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing your business.

All of these channels are valid ways to find great direct sales recruits… even if they’ve never considered a career in direct sales before. Just remember to keep your ideal candidate in mind and keep your eye out for those traits.

Use Referrals From Your Existing Sales Force

For our money, the best qualified people to refer ideal candidates to your business are those who already fit your ideal profile. If you have a great sales team, utilize them to recommend like-minded people. After all, who doesn’t like to work with their friends?

Of course, make sure that they’re really a good fit. You’re running a business, not a social hour. Rely on your sales force to provide potential candidates, and rely on your process to vet them.

That being said, most people who are great at their jobs have a good eye for others who might be a good fit for that position. Which is why it’s important to encourage your existing sales force to be involved in the recruiting process.

How Do You Encourage Referrals From Your Sales Team?

Getting referrals from your sales team is easier said than done. But if you build the right culture and expectations into your sales team, you’ll set your organization up for success.

Here are three key tips for encouraging referrals from your existing team:

Tip #1: Talk to your team about referrals.

The first rule of encouraging referrals is to talk about referrals. And that doesn’t mean be pyramid-schemey… don’t set an expectation that in order to succeed in your organization employees need to get 5 of their closest friends involved. But when a direct sales rep is seeing some success, they are going to have a lot of natural enthusiasm for the job. Use that enthusiasm to your advantage by reminding your top performers that referrals are both welcomed and encouraged.

Tip #2: Add financial incentives for referrals.

Make sure that there is a financial benefit for team members who are part of the recruiting process. There is a cost-per-candidate when recruiting candidates from job boards. Depending on how many boards you use, that could be fairly high. Take that cost, or a portion of it, and offer it as a referral bonus. You can either offer the bonus to the referring employee, or split the bonus between the referring employee and the new sales agent, depending on what works best for your organization. You save the money of posting the job and get a pre-qualified candidate.

Tip #3: Make personal recruiting ability part of the opportunity to advance in the company.  

Any Direct Sales team is going to have recruiting as a critical function. Anyone looking to move into management is going to have to master these skills.  Make personal recruiting fit into that equation by giving sales reps willing and eager to do so an inside track to leadership.  Personal recruiting is a clear sign of a sales rep’s confidence in the business, and you want someone confident representing your company.  Going back to the first tip, it doesn’t have to be an absolute requirement for moving forward, but it should be the preferred route.

Here’s the payoff to personal recruiting: If you generate a referral-rich culture on your sales team, you will never be in a situation where you lack talented individuals to help bring success to your company. The next step?

A solid interview process to qualify the best candidates.

If you’re looking to further your career in direct sales, or even start your own direct sales business, Solcomm wants to talk to you. We help empower telecom direct sales firms to find success in their communities. Learn what it takes to become a Solcomm Subdealer here.


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