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Telecom Subdealers: How Do They Work?

By February 16, 2018February 21st, 2020Door To Door Sales, Franchising, Sales

Are you looking to break into the Telecom industry? Or maybe looking for a great opportunity to start your own sales firm on the right terms? If so- you may want to consider the benefits of working as a Telecom direct sales subdealer.

How can you tell if this is a good opportunity for you? First, let’s start with the basics:

What is a Subdealer?

The Telecom industry uses direct sales agencies to obtain and manage their customer base. This means that a direct sales organization is dealing with two sets of clients:

  • The service providers, managing their sales goals and expectations.
  • The consumers, providing value and customer service.

Serving both sets of clients well requires that a direct sales agency split their time and focus between both worlds. Neglecting either will lead to disappointing results, or even disaster for your direct sales campaign.
As a solution, some direct sales organizations elect to organize themselves into two separate entities: a Master Dealer to focus up the priorities of telecom clients, and a Subdealer to focus down on the priorities of customers.

Why split at all?

There are distinct benefits for both Master Dealer and Subdealer for splitting this way.

Benefits for Master Dealers

Telecom providers need to saturate local markets to be really successful. And, as a result, they have to have rigorous sales goals.

This means that, from a dealer’s perspective, meeting a provider’s expectations can be a demanding task. It can be tough to manage those expectations when you also have to focus on building and training a direct sales team and keep them, AND your customers happy.

The other reality of telecom direct sales is that it is
geographically dependant. The bigger your organization, the better you are at delivering on providers’ expectations. But keeping focused on small communities as a large organization is difficult.

Being able to delegate sales territories to subdealers who know the community helps ensure that sales targets are met… and that providers are happy.

Benefits for Subdealers

Why would you want to work for a Master Dealer rather than try to be one yourself?

The answer is simple, if you want to be very successful in business you need to focus in on what you are good at and minimize time and energy on things that you are not. Working with a Master Dealer enables you to put into their hands a large chunk of the business responsibilities; allowing you to focus in on building and growing your sales team.

What are the key benefits a good Master Dealer can provide?

  • They handle the providers and they handle the finances making sure that you get paid as quickly as possible
  • Leverage of size to offer contests, additional incentives, and get the best territory from the Client
  • A community of like-minded Subdealers who can support each other to grow their businesses
  • Can offer additional assistance with recruiting, payroll support, and handling customer issues

In essence, a good Master Dealer will make your job as simple as possible and unleash the potential for you to grow your sales business as big as you want it to be.

Does your Master Dealer provide these benefits. If not,
contact us and we can help!

What do Subdealers have to bring to the table?

Starting a direct sales subdealership in the Telecom industry is a great way to start running a business with a small initial investment, while having unlimited growth potential.

On average, a subdealer can set up shop at a low cost of entry — around 10% or less of the average business or franchise start up cost. Since the master dealer is handling the majority of the finances, it frees the subdealer to start worrying about the important stuff: getting more sales and new customers!

On top of this, subdealers find themselves in an industry that is scalable and people-driven. As providers change and grow, it allows subdealers to make six figures or more by just continuing to grow their client base. A subdealer’s success is driven by their engagement with the community and the ability to grow and thrive within it, while being supported with tools and resources from their master dealer.

Think of it as having all the benefits of entrepreneurship with less risk. A good master dealer will set you up with a plan for success: like if Lewis & Clark were given a road map!

Would your Telecomm sales efforts benefit from partnering with a Master Dealer?

Click here to learn more about becoming a subdealer under Solcomm. We would love to hear from you and help develop your plans for the future.


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