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The Ideal Door To Door Sales Representative: A Day In The Life

By January 11, 2019March 19th, 2024Door To Door Sales, Sales
Solcomm - Day in the Life of Ideal Rep

There are a lot of wonders in the world to behold. The Great Wall Of China. The Pyramids. Trick-shot videos on YouTube. But here at Solcomm, there’s one wonder that tops them all: the ideal direct sales representative.

A great direct sales rep is amazing. There are so many beautiful things in alignment: passion, and excitement. A positive attitude they bring toward everything they do.

Sales managers want them. Other salespeople want to be them.

So we thought we’d take some time to talk about some of the habits and behaviors that we notice in the best of the best. Here’s a Day In The Life of a Top Direct Sales Representative!

First, they start the day right.

The best direct sales rep wakes up and eats a healthy breakfast. They go to the gym and take care of their physical fitness. They do everything required to stay healthy.

There’s a cult of workaholics that seem to take pride in their lack of sleep, of “forgetting to eat” and subsisting on a diet of coffee and energy drinks. That may make them feel productive, but putting your work before your physical needs is a recipe for burnout.

The best sales reps take the time to take care of themselves, first thing, every day.

Then, they show up for work early.

The best direct sales representatives show up 30-60 minutes early. They take the time to take stock in their workload before diving right into their daily duties.

If they need to follow up on items from the day before, they do that first, before they get mired in the events of the day.

If they have any questions, they seek out answers before the questions get buried in the shuffle. They take the initiative to show up early and set themselves up for success.

They set goals.

The ideal direct sales representative isn’t satisfied with the status quo. They want to continually ramp up, to improve their performance, to get better and to make more money.

That’s why they set positive and realistic goals for their daily performance. They know what success looks like.

Having attainable daily goals helps them stay focused on what’s important throughout the day and not get overwhelmed by rejection. Having goals to work toward helps keep them moving forward and growing.

They focus on their behaviors & actions.

With their goals in mind, the ideal direct sales rep keeps their focus on the behaviors that they know will move the needle on those goals.

If they know they need to make a certain number of presentations, or knock on so many doors, or pick up the phone x times… then that’s what they set their day up to accomplish.

They understand that their habits are what leads to accomplishing goals, so they do everything they can to make sure that their behaviors and goals are in 100% alignment and avoid the pitfalls that rookies and underperformers make.

They make a positive impact on their team.

No sales rep is an island. Every sales office is part of a team, and the ideal direct sales representative understands that.

Throughout the course of their day, they make a positive impact on the people around them. They are enthusiastic and approachable without being time-wasters. (They know that there’s no time to slack off and they avoid killing morale.)

They are helpful and do everything they can to help the salespeople around them, because they understand that when the team does well and boosts the entire organization it can only help with morale and overall team performance.

If the environment has turned negative, they are always a positive voice in the room. If they are the #1 salesperson at the company, they don’t let it get to their heads and still show up and give 100% at training events because they know that building the team is a positive thing for everyone. They also don’t let rejection get them down.

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They don’t stop until they’ve achieved their daily goal.

No matter what their goals, they don’t stop until they have accomplished all of the tasks they’ve set aside for the day in order to hit those goals.

If they’ve committed to making 100 phone calls that day, they don’t punch out at 5pm with 87 calls made. They stick around and finish their daily commitment. They push and do everything they can to accomplish their goals.

If they promised to put in a certain amount of time on a project, that’s what they do. They don’t leave things half-finished that they could finish that day.

At the end of the day, they use their success to encourage.

The best direct sales representatives take the time at the end of the day to pump up the people around them.

If they had a bad day, they set an example for how to roll with the punches and turn a bad day into a successful attitude for tackling the next day.

If they had a great day, they don’t boast for the sake of boasting or rubbing it in other’s faces. Rather, they use their success as a way to motivate others to see what they, too, can accomplish. They challenge their competitive coworkers to rise to their level and inspire less experienced reps to follow their example.

They take time for what’s important.

When the workday is over, the best direct sales representatives take the time to do the things that are important to them. What inspires them to get out of bed and go to work in the first place.

They spend time with their kids.

They volunteer for causes they believe in.

They take vacation, or spend time doing the hobbies that relax and energize them.

The ideal direct sales representative has structure in their life to keep their work lives and home lives separate, which allows them to be fully invested in each. This way, they stay healthy, happy, and ready to take on the next workday with the same vigor.

Does this sound like you?

If this sounds like you, or what you’d like your life to be, then we would like to hear from you.

At Solcomm, we are telecom direct sales leaders who are dedicated to raising up talented and diligent direct sales representatives. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, we’re ready to hear from you. Apply today to learn more about working for Solcomm!


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