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Solcomm Makes Top Talent Better.

Our sales teams drive results for our clients.

Unleash your earning potential today!

Sales Training

Learn to connect with customers almost instantly (even if you’re brand-new to sales!), communicate product value, and create long-term customers for our awesome clients

Leadership Training

Get your feet wet with leadership development that teaches you to train others, how to lead and motivate a sales team, and develop your own plan to own your own office.

Personal Development

Learn how to manage your time, influence people you manage, budget, plan, and manage a business.

Industry-Leading Compensation Model

Plus, we offer industry-leading commission rates, monthly performance & leadership bonuses and the opportunity to build your own office!

Why Work at Solcomm?

Character. Commitment. Camaraderie.

Our team creates our culture. And our culture is what sets us apart.
At Solcomm, we work hard. And we play hard. Which is one reason we're growing so fast. But we also cultivate a culture of integrity, honesty, and responsibility.

Is Direct Sales Right for Me?

Direct sales is one of the oldest and most effective forms of sales in history. Our model is simple and straightforward: we identify hot prospects who might be a good fit for awesome services. Then, we help them acquire the services they deserve. But, direct sales isn?t for everyone. Here?s how you might know if you?re a good fit:

Motivated Self-Starter

All sales is hard. And whle we train and mentor, we don’t micro-manage. Motivated self-starters will achieve.

Driven to Lead

At the end of the day, it?s all about people. If you’re motivated to lead and inspire growth in a team, this could be a good fit.

Professionally Ambitious

If you expect a lot from life – and you’re willing to work for it, then direct sales might be right for you.

Passion, Energy, and Friendliness

Positive energy & a positive attitude are essential components of being a great sales rep. You have these? Please apply!

Does this Sound Like You?

The great thing about direct sales is that the only thing that limits your success is you! If you’re that person who knows you’re destined for success, let us help you to get started!

Top Talent Loves Us

Solcomm recruits & develops top talent to become successful leaders.

I have experienced many different environments with my military service, but the environment that Solcomm provides is one that focuses on developing young adults into successful leaders.

Andrew McCarthy

Christian was grateful enough to give us the opportunity with Solcomm and we haven't looked back!

Eve CrawfordJeff Ball

I joined the Solcomm family 4 years ago, since then I have worked by way up and became the Branch Manager for the Flint location. Now I am the owner of that very office!!

Kendall Peruski

I have only been with Solcomm for a few months now, but as soon as I started, I knew this was the place for me!

Samanta McCarthy

Question’s We’re Often Asked

We get lots of questions from people about our opportunities. Here are some of the more common ones:

How does SOLCOMM's business model work and how is it structured?

SOLCOMM holds major contracts with Fortune 500 telecommunication companies to extend their client base in designated local areas. We strive to find leaders in those areas that can build sales teams. Successful teams have the opportunity to grow and expand in their territories. Our business has grown between 50 and 80 percent year over year since inception based on this business model. We believe that this growth is due to the business structure rewarding equally those who put in the work to be successful.

Can you really make money in direct sales?

Absolutely! Direct sales is a 32 billion dollar industry in the United States alone, and grew at a six percent rate in 2012 alone, much faster than the overall economy.

Is it a problem that I have never worked in sales before?

No. What we are looking for in a high potential candidate, is their ability to be coachable. We evaluate this based on all of your past work and school experience, whether is related to sales or not. SOLCOMM only represents the highest ranked companies in our industry, so you?ll never be promoting a product that is less than the very best.

Do I need a college degree to work for SOLCOMM?

No. While typically we prefer leadership candidates with a college degree, we are also willing to evaluate candidates based on their experience, skill set, and character.

How does compensation within Solcomm work?

Compensation is based on three different factors: personal sales, performance incentives, and the ability to train others to perform consistently. This three tiered structure ensures a steady paycheck that is not just reliant on a single expectation.

How does your training program work?

Our new hire training program is four weeks long and is administered by the top sales managers and trainers in each one of our branch offices. The first week we teach you basic presentation skills in the office. In addition, you will spend extensive field time working with a trainer who will show you how to utilize these skills with the customer. Weeks two through four, continue to build up your sales skills, as well as leadership skills, so we can identify if you would be a good fit to promote into our leadership program. We have clear expectations for all new hires on how your performance should grow over these four weeks, and our branch managers and trainers work with you on a one on one level to make sure you achieve these goals.

I am afraid of taking a performance based job, why should I take the risk?

People associate commission based jobs with risk, due to the old adage in sales of ?there?s feast and famine.? Undoubtedly, there are risks in a performance based position. However, as with anything else in life, those who don?t take risks will never receive rewards. Our four week training program is designed to teach you all that you need to know to be able to make steady and consistent earnings in marketing our customers products.

Is there room for upward movement in the company?

Absolutely! We are always actively looking for our next branch managers in every new hire interview we conduct. The reason for this, is that our clients have more work than we are able to do and our portfolio continues to grow. To effectively meet our clients? expectations, we need to continue expanding our branches at a 50 to 80 percent pace per year. In 2014 alone, we are opening four new branch locations and in 2015 we aim to double this.

Is this a fun job?

Definitely! At SOLCOMM we firmly believe that having fun and making money are not opposing values. Our daily meetings and trainings are structured not only to be educational, but also a lot of fun. Many reps have said that those meetings are their favorite part of the work day. In addition, each one of our branch offices host monthly team nights and other activities. Also, SOLCOMM hosts quarterly leadership conferences for its team leaders and branch managers which provide an opportunity for company sponsored travel to other states, visiting other offices, and having a lot of fun.

What Are You Waiting For?

An exciting new career with amazing growth potential awais you at Solcomm! Get started today with our simple online application!