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Our clients have hired us to tackle their marketing campaigns in 5 locations spread across Michigan and South Carolina.


As traditional print, media, and telephone marketing loses its efficacy in today’s world, more and more companies are finding it harder to get their message in front of customers in a way they will hear, interact with, and understand. SOLCOMM’s management team knows this, and tailors each marketing campaign to the product and market as necessary.

Our Sales Representatives are highly trained in quickly identifying customer’s needs and presenting them with solutions that make sense. Our Sales Representatives have not only proven that they can succeed in winning more business, but also in achieving industry leading levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

Do you enjoy meeting new people, flexible hours, and uncapped income?
Direct Sales could be the career for you!

“I have never felt so cared for as a sales representative. In many of my previous sales positions I always felt pushed in a very negative way to hit my numbers. Solcomm helps me to aim for high goals with positive incentives and never makes me feel poorly when I miss the mark but encourages me to go further!”

George DeWaters
Sales Representative

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